Pulung Jati Rangga Murti (INDONESIA)

2016 - Involved as a dancer and coach at IFDF (international folk dance festival) in Bali with Bimo Dance Theater
2016 - Becomes the speaker of the "Dance Workshop" with the PAC'o community at GEOKS (cheerful art creativity) Bali
2016 - Involved in the Workshop and collaboration staging with Dance Henginbotham USA, in its performance in Yogyakarta
2015 - Becomes the speaker of the Body Work Workshop with the Jogja’s Body Movement community in the PI program (industrial practice) at the Yogyakarta ISMS
2012 - 2014 Become a dancer in the Asia TRI event in Jogja and Japan with Bimo Dance Theater
2013 - Become a dancer in the TRI MASTER collaboration program in Singapore with Bimo Dance Theater



2016 – Terlibat sebagai penari dan pelatih dalam acara IFDF (internasional folk dance festival) di Bali bersama Bimo Dance Theatre
2016 – Menjadi pemateri “Workshop Kepenarian” bersama komunitas PAC’o di GEOKS (geria olah kreatifitas seni) Bali
2016 – Terlibat dalam Workshop dan kolaborasi pementasan dengan Dance Henginbotham USA, dalam pementasannya di Yogyakarta
2015 – Menjadi pemateri Workshop Olah Tubuh bersama komunitas Jogja’s Body Movement dalam program PI (praktek industri) di SMKI Yogyakarta
2012 – 2014 Menjadi penari dalam event Asia TRI di Jogja dan Jepang bersama Bimo Dance Theatre
2013 – Menjadi penari dalam program kolaborasi TRI MASTER di Singapura bersama Bimo Dance Theatre