THE SACPa currently operates the centre based on three pillars

Artistic DEvelopment

1. Breathing Forest Dance Theatre (Professional Dance Group)

2. Whiffling of Forest Gamelan Ensemble (Professional Music Group)

3. Residency Workshop with Agung Gunawan (Annual 10 day Residency Workshop)

4. Study Tour (as request)

5. Workshops by Visiting Artist

6. Pelem Festival (BI-Annual event presented by the SACPA)

1. LKP Seni Pradapa Loka Bhakti (the LKP Seni PLB)

2. Scholarship program for local students

3. Dance training for local mature-aged dancers

4. Full Moon Festival (Annual local performing arts event for local artists)

Art education for young children and community development through the arts


1. Artistic Excellence Management

2. Operation Management

3. Donors, Sponsors, Collaborators Management

4. Finance and Governance