Pelem Festival (the Festival) was conceived in 2016 by compelling passion and relentless dedication for arts that Agung Gunawan, the director of Sampang Agung Centre for Performing Arts (SACPA) had held and devoted its actualisation for years.

The aim of this biennialFestival is for the preservation of Javanese cultural heritage of dance and music, along with the attempt of continuous exploration on the contemporary aesthetics forms at the spiritual & historical natural environment in Pacitan, Indonesia.


The Festival will coincide with Full Moon Festival which was founded 5 years ago by SACPA to celebrate traditional and local music and dance in the farming community, where there is little access performing arts otherwise.  The Festival creates a rare opportunity for all invited artists to interact, witness, experience, exchange philosophical, cultural and artistic ideas and practices with Javanese locals, such as the SACPA students, technical and support staff and emerging & established local Javanese artists.


With the tranquil and unique 4 transformative performance sites built on the native landscape of the East Java countryside, Agung, the director of the Festival, wishes all artists to sense a breath of nature and dance within and beyond self.




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This project was made possible through a Quick Respone Grant provided by Regional Arts Fund, an Australian Government initiative supporting the arts in regional, remote and very remote Australia

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